My Mission is to Guide Christians to Wellness

Trust God's Faithfulness   •   Motivation for Self-care    •   Find Superior Healthcare Services

Welcome! I'm Lisa!

You and I are like two peas in a pod. Our faith is a priority and we feel a stirring, a calling to do more for the LORD. We want to serve God, and take better care of ourselves to honor Him.

That's why I'm passionate about sharing what Scripture says about our service, and treating our bodies in a way that pleases God.

YET, IT IS A STRUGGLE to take better care of ourselves while taking care of everyone else!

That's why I'm also excited to share tips & strategies from my nursing experience.

So you can save your time, energy and money. So you can optimally manage symptoms of your disease, navigate to the best healthcare services, or help loved-ones coordinate high quality care in the home. So you can focus on serving God, and honoring Him with your self-care.

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It's not about finding balance, making time, losing weight or giving yourself permission. It's about honoring God.

A Perfect Offering - Self-care

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