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Has your doctor told you to eat healthier due to high blood pressure or high cholesterol?  Are you trying to make healthier eating choices but are confused about what is a good or bad choice?

Do you need self-care instruction, guidance and support with a new chronic disease diagnosis? Do you want to make healthier meals for your on-the-go family?

I can help!

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Take Care of You

New diabetes diagnosis? Ready to lose weight? Want to get rid of your blood pressure medicine? Tired of feeding your family junk?

We all know diets don’t work. But, what IS ok to eat? What’s always best to eat at home or on-the-go, in restaurants or at lunch meetings?

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Read my blog to discover:

  • Health coverage secrets and tips
  • Ways to get quicker responses from office and hospital staff
  • How to find the finest care for any diagnosis
  • Proven self-care methods for disease treatment and prevention

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Who Is Lisa?

Hi! I have been an RN for 25 years! I love being a nurse, and caring for people is my passion. I use my website to share all of the ‘insider’ information I gleaned from working at a large healthcare system and with insurance companies. My goal is to give you the care and guidance you need to succeed on your wellness, illness and spiritual journey.

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I share my nursing expertise to:

  • Help people learn tips and use tools to save money
  • Help people navigate the health system to find the right care
  • Give caregivers safe and stress-relieving strategies
  • Teach people how to give themselves excellent self-care

I help people focus on self-care and live well!


We embrace our responsibility to take care of ourselves and:

  • Feel better
  • Reduce health-risk factors
  • Live well
  • Live longer

U.S. Adult Daily Self-Care Outcomes

Vegetables Eaten
Fruit Eaten
Exercise Completed



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