Welcome, friend! My name is Lisa Kimrey, and I’m an RN. 

You and I are like two peas in a pod. Our faith is a priority, and we believe it’s time to take better care of ourselves and family.

We Want to Feel Better!

So I suspect, like me, that you want to eat right. And you know you should exercise. And together we will. 

The mission of My Life Nurse is to help Christians feel better by teaching them how to:

  • Use their faith as motivation
  • Improve their self-care
  • Get superior value out of healthcare services

I do this because I get you. I’ve been where you are.

It’s a struggle to make time for your own self-care while caring for everyone else. 

Still, you feel a stirring, maybe even a calling, to take better care of yourself and family.

And you crave a closer walk with Jesus.

My blog shows you how to:

  • START (and continue) taking better care of yourself.
  • Praise and worship Christ through your self-care.
  • Target wellness when taking care of your family.
  • Lean on Christ during your entire journey.

And it also teaches you how to:

  • Save time and money shopping for health services.
  • Choose only high-quality service and product options.
  • Navigate the healthcare system for condition-specific services. 
  • Impact your family’s health outcomes (and numbers). 

A little more about me:

I’m a happy wife, mom, pet-mom, 25-year veteran registered nurse, business owner, daughter, sister, friend and a work-in-progress servant of Jesus. 

My favorite color is red; I like chai tea, dark chocolate, and gardening.

I’ve performed many roles as a nurse, but my favorite job was providing self-care education and encouragement to people with chronic diseases (like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure).

Although most people struggled there were many who succeeded. Some of those who did were Christians who fully leaned into their faith. That was fascinating to me. I love being a nurse!

But, taking care of myself is not a love of mine. 

I was in my twenties and thirties when I was in my favorite role, so it was a little ironic that I was teaching people how to take better care of themselves (by making healthy food choices, reducing stress and getting some exercise) but I wasn’t doing any of those things. 

But everything changed when I became…older.


I started this blog because I know how you feel.

I know the feeling of continually battling my cholesterol, the frustration of yo-yo weight changes and the worry about my future health and my spouse’s numbers. Fatigue and exhaustion haunted me and I know the feeling of defeat. 

But, I also know what it feels to succeed!

I responded to a calling to improve how I took care of myself and was led to study self-care in Scripture. 

When I connected my faith to my nursing knowledge and experience, my health improved and I felt better.

I learned how to: 

  • Bring Christ into the minutia of taking care of myself.
  • Lean on the Holy Spirit for self-control and motivation.
  • Use my self-care as a way to worship God. 
  • Use the strength of the Lord to overcome temptations.

Most importantly, I learned how my self-care could impact eternity.

My faith grew and still continues to grow.  

And so I pray that you respond to your calling today.

-Maybe you (or your spouse) have a new diagnosis(es) and are concerned about your health numbers.

-Perhaps you want to prepare healthier options for your family.

-It might even be that you’ve felt bad for a while and you are just ready to feel better.

Whatever the case, you know now is the time to change what you are doing and start taking better care of yourself.

I am here to help! Learn how to improve your self-care while walking closer to Christ. 

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I look forward to caring for you and I have something for you now. 

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Praying you have hope today for a better tomorrow.

Lisa, RN