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Ever have that feeling?

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You know, the one that occurs after you decide to change something for the positive?

Like maybe you think, “Ok, I gotta eat better now!”

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“No. More. Excuses.”

First, you get pumped, right?

You think, “I’ve totally got this!”



personal coaching


Then, you start on your journey.

And the very first obstacle is…mountain-sized! 

Seriously!? How do you make a healthy choice with these options?

Every ounce of motivation disappears out of mental exhaustion.

You no longer have the ambition, 

the direction,

or the energy 

to keep moving forward to make that needed change!

Yep, that’s the feeling. Empty and frustrated, with no idea what to do next.

Change is difficult and takes time.  Starting a new habit (or breaking an old one) takes about an average of 66 days.

Why do it alone? Let me help!

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 My Life Nurse can help you meet your goals!

Maybe, you want to:

-Eat better because you are managing high blood pressure, cholesterol or  blood sugars

-Make healthier meals for you & your on-the-go family

Choose healthier options when you are at restaurants 

-Set up an exercise plan (you know, one that you can do)

-And lose weight too

But…you’re not sure about personal coaching quite yet.

Personal coaching is right if you:

  • Want a healthier lifestyle for you and your family
  • Need a self-care plan, a step-by-step method to use at home or work to keep you on track
  • Would like help setting up your eating or exercise plan

And personal coaching is also right if:

  • You have a little trouble with self-motivation or goal setting. You have the ‘want-to’ but lack the ‘know-how.’
  • All of the available options result in ‘complete overwhelm. You just want a few, simple, easy-to-follow guidelines!
  • You prefer discretion over large group settings

My Life Nurse personal coaching is not right if you want:

  • A long-term commitment. Rather, most of my coaching assignments are just 2-4 sessions.
  • An ongoing sales scheme. No vitamin or supplement purchases will be required.
  • Fluff talk. You will receive an executable plan to overcome your barrier.

So, how does a personal coaching session work?

personal coachingpersonal coachingpersonal coachingFirst, complete the form below for a FREE 10-minute coaching session. I want to visit with you to fully understand your need AND make sure you have exhausted all potential health coverage options before we explore which package is right for you.

Then, after our discussion (and possibly assisting you to set up a PayPal account), you can book your first coaching session with me. I will email you an invoice and a My Life Nurse Welcome Package. 

After the invoice is paid, I will email you a more in-depth questionnaire (to further explain your needs so I can prepare for your coaching session). Please be honest and as accurate as possible.

You send me your completed questionnaire and your preferred platform to chat on (Cell phone, Skype or Facebook video). I will call you for your coaching session, and we will work together to address your needs.

We will use each session to work together to get over your mountain! I’ll have an agenda; you bring your questions! I will follow up with an email outlining your takeaways or to-dos.



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