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Have you ever been in a healthcare setting and you meet THAT NURSE?

You know.

nurse consultation

The one.

The one who knows what is going on. The one who has the right answers.

The one who knows how to navigate through that healthcare maze to find exactly the care that you need?

The one who brings light to difficult situations.

And the one your family member is actually willing to listen to when instructions are given.

We hired Lisa Kimrey to help assess and make recommendations regarding our aging parent’s needs. She was able to connect with them in a loving and caring manner and provide us with a professional assessment that assisted us in knowing that we were making the best decision possible during that time. Without her unbiased input, we would have been left double guessing ourselves if we were doing the right things. Steve Wall, Mike Wall, Connie Lipscomb

Ultimately, the one you wish you could call the next time you need answers.


nurse consultation



I am the one.



You can call me:

I’m ready to talk

For objective advice on senior living arrangements.


 To serve as a facilitator for family discussions about care.


To help you do research about:

-health providers

-large health care settings

-nursing homes

-skilled nursing facilities


For resources about caregiving options.


To research community-based resources that may be available to you.


As your nurse consultant I can:

nurse consulatation

Teach you how to be your own or your family member’s advocate

Show you how to manage care needs

Share communication secrets for medical bureaucracies

Help with overwhelming health-related learning curves by breaking them down into smaller, easy to implement pieces

My Life Nurse consultation process:

First, complete the form below for a FREE 10-minute nurse consultation. I want to visit with you to fully understand your need AND make sure you’ve exhausted all potential health coverage options.

Then, after our discussion (and possibly assisting you to set up a PayPal account), you can book a 30 or 60-minute consultation. I will email you an invoice and a My Life Nurse Welcome Package.

After the invoice is paid, I will email you a more in-depth questionnaire (to further explain your needs so I can prepare for your consultation session). Please be honest and specific as possible.

You send me your completed questionnaire and your preferred platform to chat on (Cell phone, Skype or Facebook video). I will call you for your consultation session, and we will work together to address your needs. 


nurse consultating

 We both will have a lot of questions, but don’t worry, I’ll be THE ONE with answers!

 I will follow up with an email outlining my recommendations.


Nurse Consultation

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