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Hello! How are you?

Thank you so much for visiting! My name is Lisa Kimrey, I am an RN and focus on self-care and wellness. 

My Life Nurse is for people who love the Lord and want to:

Prepare their heart for complete surrender (but cling to false freedoms)

Break free of fleshly desires, cravings, and bonds (but get overwhelmed with fear)

Care for their bodies at any stage of health (but struggle with food and self-care choices)

Live a joyful & fulfilled life and use their spiritual gifts to grow the Lord’s Kingdom (but wrestle with inaction)

Sacrificial self-care isn’t easy in our world today; it can be scary and intimidating. And the potential to get stuck or discouraged is monumental.  

I get how hard it is, but I’m right here beside you to help you succeed! 

You see, my God-given purpose is to guide and encourage Christ followers on their journey to be well.

“You aren’t a pastor or missionary. You’re just a nurse. How did you end up here?”

I know, right? No one is more surprised than me!

Here’s my story: After working as a nurse for almost 20 years in a large healthcare system, I had the privilege to stay home with my daughter. I cherished being a stay-at-home-mom!  

But, I missed nursing

So, in 2012, I started my own business, and I chose something I loved: 


Throughout my career, I saw people struggling with their self-care.  I was able to help them by listening to their barriers, exploring solutions and many times by praying with the people to overcome their obstacles.

I noticed that the prayers and scripture brought genuine peace to my patients.

So, for my own business, I decided to keep doing what I was best at delivering. 

And, guess what?

Almost immediately, I helped dozens of people successfully redesign their self-care plans to meet their goals.

My clients were finally able to:

Integrate healthy choices into their lives

Manage their chronic diseases

Reduce the medications they had to take 

Manage (or eliminate)  symptoms like high blood pressure or high cholesterol

Feel healthier, & some even lost weight

How amazing is that?  (Yes, I thought it was awesome too!) And I couldn’t wait to bring these concepts into a blog!

But, God.


Okay, yes there is more. I missed nursing and I had a calling from God to study self-care in scripture. And to bring it into my business. And to teach about it. And combine it with my nursing knowledge.


So, after surrendering to my call, my business doesn’t look exactly like I thought it would. But honestly, I couldn’t love it more!  


I am thrilled to share these five self-care struggles AND the wisdom of science, healthcare, and scripture on the My Life Nurse blog:


1. We find the self-care journey to be exhausting and hard to balance with life’s demands.

I’ve listened to the fatigue from so many. Believe me, when I say I hear you and want to help you learn how to lighten your burden. 

Christians can find strength, peace, and even wellness when spirituality and sacrifice becomes an integral part of self-care. Self-care becomes a form of spiritual worship and contributes to Kingdom growth. 


My Life Nurse shares how

sacrificial self-care can lighten your journey.

2. We feel like we don’t have time for self-care!

We want to take care of ourselves.


We struggle to find the time because we already juggle 10 million other things


But God wants us to take care of ourselves!

Much like scientific research shows how self-care is good for us, Scripture also reveals how it is good for us and it brings wellness to ourselves, our church and our community. 

The nurse in me also wants to tell you that self-care, or the way we take care of ourselves before we have (or to prevent) a disease, has more gravity than what medicine can do for us after disease. And, the proper self-care can slow the progression and sometimes even heal illness and diseases.


My Life Nurse shares scripture to help you improve self-care to your body: a holy temple.


3. We are overwhelmed with information!

The truth is, none of us want to worry about those extra pounds or what our high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar will lead to in the future. 

We want to learn how to take better care of ourselves. We DOBut, figuring out exactly how to do that is so confusing. 

It’s hard to know where to go for credible information


My Life Nurse also shares advice from scientifically-proven research.


4. We worry about the cost of healthcare.

The majority of us want to be well.  But, the cost can be a barrier to getting there.

Knowing how the healthcare system works and finding care at the right place the FIRST time saves you and your family time, frustration, and money wasted on unnecessary or duplicate services.

Just as important, the prevention or slowing of the progression of illness or disease can be cost-saving as well.


My Life Nurse provides strategies to help you  

save time, frustration, and money. 

5. We are all scared to improve our self-care! It is a lot of HARD work to change!

‘Sacrificial self-care’ sounds just as complicated and scary as ‘lifestyle change.’ But, I’m here to tell you, although it wasn’t easy mentally, it was more peaceful physically for me.

And, it may be easier for you, if you follow a few of the strategies I learned on my journey.

My Life Nurse shares strategies to

make self-care easier.

After implementing what I learned in scripture about self-care, my personal life is different too. How? Well, still not perfect. But I am:

-Focused on Christ more often.

-More humble (trusting in the Lord).

-Stronger for battles (temptations & distractions).

-Aware of God’s promptings and will for my life.

-Outwardly sharing my spiritual gifts & impacting Kingdom growth.


And, just some other random stuff about me:

  • I’m a wife and a mom of two (a 23-year old and a 10-year old)
  • I’m a pet owner of one 5-year-old & one 12-week-old (Dogs. PS Our new puppy turns into a gremlin at times).
  •  I love the outdoors!
  • I like to eat seafood but live smack dab in the middle of the country so travel to the coasts as much as I can.

 Let me help you on your journey!

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And, of course, I’ll keep you updated on what I learn from my study in Scripture! Your self-care matters!


Wellness & Blessings,

Lisa, RN

Romans 8:13 reads, “For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” (ESV)