Meet Lisa @ My Life Nurse

My Life Nurse Self-Care Guidance

Are you searching for a way to take better care of yourself?

As a nurse, I ask people how they feel every day. But today, I’d like to ask you a different question.

My mission at My Life Nurse is to lighten your self-care journey so you can be physically and spiritually well.

Does this sound like you?

  • Perhaps you feel like you should take better care of your body (but aren’t quite sure how or where to start)
  • Or you feel you should find more ‘me-time’ emotionally
  • Maybe you are overwhelmed caring for family members and feel you should organize or prioritize better 
  • Perhaps you have a calling to serve the Lord in some way and you feel, no you crave a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ.
  • It may even be that somehow you feel called to take better care of yourself. You’ve read “your body is a holy temple” or “present your body as a living sacrifice” in Scripture and it struck a deep, deep chord with you.

You want to feel well physically and spiritually.

Still, after caring for and serving everyone else, you struggle to find motivation or energy in the day to properly care for yourself, let alone serve God the way you feel called. And that makes you feel discouraged. You may even feel alone. 

But you are definitely not alone. I not only ‘get’ you; I feel like I already know you. I feel those situations listed above too. I also feel God’s calling to take care of myself.  And, like you, I struggle.

A little more about me:

Hi, my name is Lisa Kimrey; I’m so thankful you are here! I am an RN blogger. I’m a happy wife, mom, pet-mom, registered nurse, business owner, daughter, sister, friend and a work-in-progress servant of Jesus.

I started this blog to share the wisdom and lessons I’ve learned from my 5-year journey of self-care study in Scripture.

 MLN is here to help you (as we do this together)! Here, I provide how to:

  • Care for your body at any stage of health (how to do the best self-care physically)
  • Treat your body like a Holy temple (how to prepare for complete surrender spiritually)
  • Make it all work together (for complete wellness)

Taking proper care of our bodies is hard! And, serving the Lord isn’t always easy either. It can be frustrating, intimidating and flat out inconvenient at times. The potential to get stuck, misdirected or feel heavy with discouragement feels HUUUGE. 


You see, I was in a place where I was exhausted from trying to take care of myself with all of the demands in my life. I felt called to treat my body as a Holy temple, but I felt like I had to be physically ‘fit’ to qualify. And I couldn’t get to the “right place”. I just couldn’t get motivated to do it. But, I was miserable. So I committed to doing it anyway.

It was scary to answer God’s call-all I could think about was how HARD it would be to serve God with my body! I didn’t think I could do it and I didn’t have time for it. 

It wasn’t hard. But, I learned I had it backward. It’s not about what you do, it’s about who you obey.

I experienced what it felt to be well, spiritually. I had time to fellowship with God, I let go of my own will and I broke free of my sugar cravings (finally!). My faith strengthened, my service broadened. My understanding of Scripture deepened. 

Scripture tells us that when we surrender to the Lord with our bodies, we honor, praise and worship God. In return, He provides promises of wellness.  


Spiritual wellness doesn’t require physical wellness. 


Scripture shows we can experience spiritual wellness whether we feel health or illness, healing or dying.


Spiritual wellness promotes physical wellness. 


When we treat our body as a temple spiritually, we are led to also treat our body as a temple physically. After we surrender to Christ, we want to use our bodies for His glory instead of our own pleasures and purposes. And that is a wonderful source of motivation at any stage of health! 

But, after 25-years of providing care and teaching as a nurse, I know how much we all still struggle with our physical self-care-even if we are motivated to take better care of ourselves.

And, the thing is, the struggle isn’t just about how to do the best physical self-care, it’s also about where to find the right advice for wellness, and symptom or illness management when it is needed.

So even though we can have the motivation to address our extra pounds or what our high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar (or any other health symptom) will lead to in the future…we still may not know what specifically to do first, or next.

Which is why My Life Nurse was created as a one-stop website for you.


My Life Nurse offers a unique perspective.  We serve as a faith-based website offering wisdom and encouragement from Scripture for spiritual wellness, and as a credible, actionable ‘how to start’ and ‘step-by step’ personal care instruction website for physical wellness. We give ALL of the resources you need for complete wellness.

My Life Nurse blends Scripture-based wisdom and encouragement, nursing self-care guidance, healthcare system-navigation, insurance wayfinding and cost-saving solutions to help you on your journey.

An atmosphere of encouragement to fulfill your calling to serve God.

Scripture-based guidance towards spiritual wellness.

A place you can go for reliable, actionable advice for physical wellness.

A site where you learn how to find the best care for illness.

A credible resource with tips to break through insurance and cost barriers.

Go ahead and look around. Make yourself at home. 

Be well. Yes, you CAN do this.

I will be right here with you the whole time. We CAN serve God the way we feel called and find motivation and energy to properly care for ourselves!

Oh, and one more ‘nurse’ thing. Getting care at the right place the FIRST time is the key to saving time, frustration, and money wasted on unnecessary or duplicate services. When you see a post of something you think you could use in the future, be sure to pin it on your Pinterest board or share/save it on Facebook so you can find a post when you need it.  

Your time and money are wasted if proper care isn't received the first time.

Let me care for you on your journey! I have something for you nowClick here on this link to receive your FREE  guide to saving healthcare dollars AND add My Life Nurse to your voyage. 

I look forward to caring for you!


Wellness & Blessings,

Lisa, RN