“5 Easy Days to Successfully Eating Healthy ” Free Mini Course

By Lisa Kimrey | Body

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Eating healthy. You’ve decided that NOW IS THE TIME TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT IT. And it’s for a good reason:

  • Perhaps ‘that one’ lab value is outside of normal limits (again).
  • It might be that those ‘few extra pounds’ are beginning to be more noticeable and are interfering with the activities you want to do.
  • Perhaps your medication is still causing uncomfortable or inconvenient side-effects.
  • Or that subtle symptom isn’t so subtle anymore.
  • Maybe you’re starting to see the influence your food choices/meal planning has on your spouse, children, family member’s or friend’s future wellness. 
  • Or the high expense of your medication is starting to impact your budget.

Although we all have different reasons to start eating better, there is one thing we all have in common…

We want ‘eating healthy’ to be easy!

But, it’s a huge change.

In fact, just getting started is super overwhelming!

But it doesn’t have to be.

The 5 Easy Days to Successfully Eating Healthy free mini course was designed for exactly that…to successfully help you START!

As a nurse, I am a witness over and over to the fact that ‘the starting’ is the biggest hurdle to successfully eating healthy.


TOO MUCH INFORMATION! The details make the task look ENORMOUS.

But it is just ONE simple step.

The 5 Easy Days to Successfully Eating Healthy free mini course provides

  • Concise education
  • 3 simple goals
  • Clear steps to meet those goals
  • Short timeframe (5 days!)
  • Ongoing support for questions

You do not need to wait to START eating healthy. And, you shouldn’t wait to:

  • Have normal lab values
  • Perform the activities you desire
  • Address early chronic disease symptoms
  • Be a positive eating/meal planning influence for your loved one
  • Reduce your medication requirements

You CAN start! Click Here to start eating healthy with your free mini course today! 



About the Author

Lisa has been an RN for 25 years and has a passion for helping people make healthy choices & build healthy habits related to self-care. Check out Lisa's free tip sheet "10 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare"!