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As a fellow entrepreneur and a Christian business coach – I get it.

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Christian business coach

  • You have goals.
  • You have a dream.
  • Even better, you’ve been given a bold vision!


And you want to do it all on God’s terms.


That. Is. Amazing!

But, how do you do all of that… without a miracle?

Simple. Don’t try to do it alone.

Let me help.

'Working with Lisa has taken our team to the next level. She came in to help us process several key projects, and she was able to move the projects farther more quickly than expected. Lisa leads and trains teams with excellence, and I highly recommend her to you for special projects, team assessment, project management and one-time events that need a specialized and highly trained set of eyes.' Cindi Boston, CEO, Pregnancy Care Center, Springfield, MO.

As a Christian business coach, I can help you discover how best to live out your faith in your business.

Christian Business Coaching

  • I will pray with (and for) you and your business.
  • We will build a framework around your holy gifts.
  • We will set up a delivery process within your business model that matches your calling.
  • We will prayerfully and strategically explore where your business model should go in the future.


Receive guidance to succeed, while following the Lord’s prompting:

  • Let’s build a roadmap letting the Lord drive your professional success.
  • Let’s set goals and objectively measure success based on your personal ministry.
'I am so thankful for Lisa Kimrey’s business consulting services she provided to our ministry at a crucial time. Lisa is highly professional, completely trustworthy, and very skilled at what she does. Because of her work, we have experienced a rapid financial and operational turnaround within a critical strategic ministry of our church. Thank you, Lisa!' John Black, Senior Pastor, South Gate Baptist Church

Stay accountable and Christ-focused:

  • I’ll show you how to take ownership of your goal completion.
  • I will be brutally honest (in a gentle way).
  • While staying focused on Christ.
  • So that you can complete your actions and tactics on time!
I’m ready to talk

Receive coaching/counseling throughout:

  • I will provide proactive teaching and feedback.
  • I will be with you at important events (telephonically or virtually).
  • I’ll be your cheerleader through the sacrifices and challenges in your journey.
  • I’ll help you prepare emotionally for future goals and interventions.
  • Together we discover your God-given potential.
  • So you share that potential and live out your dreams!


I can help YOU as your Christian business coach:Christian business coach

As a Christian business coach, I’ve had successful outcomes because I listen to my clients as a business owner and as a Christian leader.

know you have barriers. I want to help you with the overwhelm. I can help you decide if you should add more. Or narrow your focus.

I get the worry of ‘Can I carry out the mission I feel God leading me to do?’

I know you want to be successful, but you don’t want to lose your Christian foundation. In fact, you want it to be stronger!

understand how hard it is to plan future operations when you don’t quite know where you are now.

'Lisa's top 3 skills: She's empathetic, an intuitive listener, and has the ability to give accurate and educated advice. I could list more, but these came to mind immediately.' 🙂 Gina Horkey, Horkey Handbook

While you might want to know that I have an MBA and worked close to 20 years in a large, integrated health corporation, I think the first thing you’ll notice is that Christian business coaching is my calling. I believe you’ll feel the deep grounding and comfort I have in my faith, well… as soon as we talk. 

And, while my executive leadership, project management experience, and Six Sigma and Lean Process Improvement training have helped me in my career and my own online business, it’s my faith that gives me the confidence to ask for your business.

I ‘get’ business ownership and my Christian faith is an important part of my business model. In fact, I believe it is the thing that has made me a successful business coach!


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