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How to Love Eating Your Vegetables and Not Gag

By Lisa Kimrey | Maintain Wellness

Does the mere thought of trying to love eating your vegetables make your stomach turn? Or, perhaps the thought of vegetables brings a disgusting image of bland, mushy, squishy and waterlogged food only seen on a senior buffet to your mind? Do you dislike eating vegetables as much as you hate to exercise? Sounds like […]

Hate to Exercise? How to Love it With 3 Decisions

By Lisa Kimrey | Maintain Wellness

Imagine you are in your favorite place. You are happy. The aromas make you smile. Friendly faces around you grin back.  The pleasant sounds in the background are relaxing. You feel comfortable – not too hot or cold. You’re having fun and laughing. Soon you notice a faint taste of salt. Then, you remember you’re exercising. […]