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How to Get Your Adults to Love Eating Vegetables

By Lisa Kimrey | Body

If the mere thought of eating vegetables makes your adult grimace, shudder and instantly dig in their heals at mealtime, then this post is for you as the chef! But if the thought of eating vegetables brings a disgusting image of bland, mushy, waterlogged, or tasteless food ‘only seen on a senior buffet’ to YOUR […]

How to Pick an Exercise You Will Actually Like to Do!

By Lisa Kimrey | Body

Exercise. You know you should be less sedentary. You totally get it. You know that >52% of the adults >18 years old don’t get enough exercise. And you’re one of them. You want to do it. But, what if you really don’t like to exercise? Perhaps, it’s less about liking to exercise, and maybe more about finding a mobile activity that you just enjoy […]