How to Pick an Exercise You Will Actually Like to Do!

By Lisa Kimrey | Exercise 101

Exercise. You know you should be less sedentary. First of all, you get it. You know that >52% of the adults >18 years old And you’re one of them. You want to do it. But, what if you really don’t like to exercise? Perhaps, it’s less about liking to exercise, and maybe more about finding a mobile activity that you just enjoy doing. […]

3 Reasons to Extend Your Lenten Activities

By Lisa Kimrey | Spirituality

I’ve found REAL benefits from my Lenten activities, so I’m going to extend them. Yep, you read that right. Extend my Lenten activities! Will you consider joining me? Don’t worry-you can go ahead and eat the chocolate bunny. If you missed the memo from the past – Pope Francis encouraged us to look beyond giving […]

7 Benefits of Establishing with a Primary Care Provider

By Lisa Kimrey | Cost of Care

Thanks to my primary care provider, I did not have any non-emergent emergency room visits last year. Yay! That made me happy!  Wasting money is never good, especially with healthcare dollars! Healthcare costs are expensive and continuously rising, so these are one of the most significant expenses to plan for annually.  We can avoid waste but […]

5 Best Ways Siblings Remarkably Care for Parents

By Lisa Kimrey | Caregiving

Stress = providing care for aged parents. Working alone is hard. But, working with your siblings may be even harder! Sibling caregivers have a HUGE job. They need to work together while providing care for parents who may be ill or declining in health. I can’t think of very many things that would be harder than […]